Instagram’s Hyperlapse: A Fun, New Video App

Create a Time Lapse in Seconds
Hyperlapse by Instagram
If you have an Apple tablet or phone, you’ll easily get addicted to this new app by Instagram called Hyperlapse, which allows you to create sped-up videos.  While it doesn’t replace professionally made Time Lapse video, you can’t beat free and fun, right?

 Hyperlapse videos make great additions to business videos. Create some that represent an aspect of your business, such as customer traffic flooding into your store, the activity of your latest event, the sun coming up behind your store front, or a tour of the workplace like Inition did:
Take a video like this of your business and have us incorporate it into a professional video, adding music, interviews, and professionally composed footage of your products or services.  You won’t want to wait to share that video all over the web!
If, on your way to creating this for your business, you can’t resist taking some Hyperlapse videos of your dog and kids in hyper speed, that’s okay too. 😉